Metal cutting:
We have 4 numerically controlled saws capable of cutting material from ½ inch diameter to 14 inch diameter.

Lathe operations: PIC currently deploys 16 CNC controlled lathe machines and 7 CNC controlled Lathe Mill combination machine tools.

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Milling operations: PIC has 4 CNC controlled vertical milling centers for our off-center drilling and milling operations.

Welding operations: At PIC, we use either tungsten inert gas or resistance welding techniques for diaphragm attachment. We determine which technology will provide the best cost position and will result in the highest performing remote seal for our customers.


Coordinate Measurement Machine Technology

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) technology is proudly incorporated in PIC's ISO-9001 certified quality system. PIC's Zeiss Eclipse 550 CMM is easily capable of measuring down to 0.00001 of an inch, which allows easy measurement of even the most critical applications. In comparison to manual inspection, the CMM provides a 95% reduction of inspection time. This high inspection efficiency is put to use daily in sample inspections of high volume manufacturing. Because our CMM interfaces with our 3D modeling software, the most complex parts can be precisely measured.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

PIC utilizes ultrasonic, aqueous technology for cleaning all machined components. Ultrasonics of 40 KHz are introduced into a cleaning solution through piezoelectric elements. This process allows the rapid formation and violent collapse of bubbles that perform the cleaning work. Bottom-line results are parts that are extremely clean, down to the microscopic level. The use of this process is far superior to standard aqueous systems that may only include soaking, scrubbing and spraying.

PIC demands the use of this process to provide you with products that are ready for use with precision instrumentation.